Cam-View™ is a great tool for managing field projects. Personnel who want to avoid spending hours driving to and from sites can easily observe the status of site work from any location with an Internet-connected PC.

Several people at various locations can simultaneously watch views from multiple cameras at a variety of project sites. This means that a vice president can get on the phone with the site superintendent and the engineer (who may be in other cities) and look at images from various sites together. This is accomplished by using Cam-View™ software that allows selection of specific sites and camera views. Inspection of details is further enhanced by manipulating the magnification and viewing direction of pan, tilt, and zoom cameras.

With an Internet-connected PC, authorized individuals can log on from anywhere to view project sites. Now you can run a daily or weekly conference call while each site superintendent reports on the status of the project while live images from the site appear on your monitor.

A wireless camera on a tripod can be used by on-site personnel to show remote viewers details of locations not directly visible from fixed location cameras. For example, if a backhoe operator encounters unexpected material in an excavation or a problem arises with misaligned fittings, the on-site superintendent can call engineers and managers at headquarters and have them look at the situation on their PC screens.

Cam-View™ can also document the progress of work with automatically recorded time/date-stamped images. The result is a complete record of your project from start to finish. The built-in search feature allows viewers to find events that occurred during specific time periods. Footage from all cameras is saved on the system's computer. Typically, over two months worth of images can be stored on the hard drive for immediate access, with earlier images being archived off-site.

Recorded images also serve to guard against false insurance claims. As with documentation of project progress, saved images can be searched to investigate incidents.