Cam-View™ is a self-contained, transportable, multiple-camera Internet viewing system. Its many applications include real time security, video surveillance, and project management for construction companies, land developers, sub-dividers, manufacturing companies, and storage businesses.

The Cam-View Player allows any business to monitor all of its site cameras simultaneously from any computer or computers connected to the Internet. All approved observers can see what is happening at each site without having to waste time driving to each individual location. To learn more about the Cam-View Player click here.

Footage from all cameras is saved on the system's computer. Typically, over two months worth of images can be stored on the hard drive. This time period will vary, as the cameras can be set up to either record a fixed number of frames per second or record on motion only. Once the hard drive fills up, it begins recording new images over the oldest recorded images, so off-site archiving of data is recommended. Each day's information can be automatically backed up over the Internet to your in-house server for safekeeping. The remote search feature allows viewers to find motion events or events that occurred during specific time periods and then save those images to a local hard drive or to a CD.

To make Cam-View™ work for you, all you need to provide is power (30 Amps, 120 AC) within twenty feet of the system and an Internet connection such as DSL, ISDN, T1, satellite, or even a dial up connection. A typical installation can be up and running within about two hours. Motion sensitive lighting and additional cameras, both wireless and fixed, can be added to the system as your project grows.